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Parts & Service"

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Please print and send this overhaul form with cylinder.

Cylinder Overhaul, Services and Repair

Gibson Aviation in El Reno, Oklahoma, offers cylinder repair and assembly. Our team of highly trained and licensed professionals are here to serve you. We can return to service your repairable cylinders for $595

We also offer same day shipment for exchange cylinders. Stud assemblies are $695 each plus $100 core charge or we can also provide complete cylinder assemblies. Our professionals provide prompt service. Call us today for prices for your engine.

Note: Some cylinders may cost more than the price stated above. Example IVO-360, TIO-540 AF1B, any with oil cooling guide, 541, TO-360 C1A6D, F1A6D, TIO-360 C1A6D, TIO-540 AJ1A, TIO-540 V2AD, LTIO-540 V2AD, TIO-540 W, LTIO-540 W. The reason is the cost of guides are higher for these cylinders. Contact us so we can give you a more accurate price.

Services include:

  • Disassembly, cleaning and inspection of the cylinder, valves, springs, rocker arms, rocker shaft, pistons, piston pin, and other related parts.
  • Valve guides, seats, bushings, studs and fittings will be replaced as necessary in order to bring your cylinders to “8130” status.
  • An additional charge for any valves, springs, rocker arms, rocker shaft, pistons, piston pin, and other related parts which do not meet OEM specs for return to service.
  • Rings and gaskets are not included in the overhaul price.
  • *Cylinders sent for overhaul must be crack free and the bores must be either std or oversize specs.

If you chose to cancel after work has started then you maybe subject to a $50 inspection fee.

If cylinder does not meet manual requirerments and is not repairable and you chose not to purchase a replacement then you maybe subject to a $50 inspection fee. If replacement is purchased, from us, than the $50, which is not an exta fee, is not added to your bill.e.