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"The Name to Remember for Aircraft Engine

Parts & Service"

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Lycoming Cylinders


  • S/R=Short reach spark plug.
  • L/R= Long reach spark plug.
  • N/D= Narrow deck (.255 thick).
  • N/S= Narrow deck with spot faced flange holes.
  • N/X=Narrow deck with 20 barrel cooling fins vs normal 18.
  • W/D=Wide deck (.410 thick--bolt hole pattern different from narrow deck flanged barrels).
  • T/W/D=Thin-wide deck (same bolt pattern as wide deck, but only .355 thick)
  • W/D/X=Wide deck with 17 cooling fins vs. normal 18--541 barrel 
  • A= Aerobatic.
  • AE= Aerobatic engine.
  • G= Geared.
  • H= Helicopter.
  • I= Fuel injected.
  • L= Left hand rotation crankshaft.
  • M= Drone.
  • O= Opposed cylinders.
  • S= Supercharged.
  • T= Turbo-Supercharged.
  • V= Vertical.